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Dergall® - a non-biocidal product for the complete treatment of mites intended for breeding hens-laying hens, ornamental birds, pigeons and repti It works effectively against: Stájník stádňový, Pleseň hlavičková, Klieštikovec kurí, Mite predravý, Voš Chicken Lush Elimination of arthropods occurs due to their immobilization.

A new product for the treatment of fungi and mites for chickens and birds!

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Dergall works mechanically by immobilizing the mite. The composition of the product is free of pesticides and poisons and the reduction of the population is visible within 72 hours from the initial application.

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In the case of a large population of mites, you may need to re-administer Dergall® 10 days parazita hevederek the first treatment to destroy any newly hatched mites that have been omitted or subsequently hatched after the first spray. It also works against head fungus.

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Mucor spp. Can be used directly on birds. Spraying should be done at night - about 60 minutes after turning off the lights and calming the birds.

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Use a weak light source, such as a headlight parazita hevederek blue light, when working. The spray is designed to combat mites in the active stage of development, which move in search of hosts, are in the process of sucking blood or looking for places to hide after feeding.

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